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AIBTM will bring in best of global skills, knowledge, training methods, and culture in the field of science and technology related to wheat based and cereal based products. All programs have been drawn up with industry guidance.

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Enroll for Short Course on "Bread #Technologist:" Principles of #Bread and #Rolls. Starting from May 22-24, 2017. Send your confirmation at

AIBTM has published a Compressive book on “Bakery Insight: Science-Technology -Processes Why's to Wise", written by Mr. K. Ravi who has more than 35 years experience in production, processes, R&D, etc. with major bakery industries. He has been associated with AITBM since its inception. This book will be requisite key to answer various aspects of bakery (Biscuit, Bread, Cake, Ingredients and control systems). The Bakery Insight covers all aspects of baking including Bakery Ingredients (Wheat Flour, Water, Oils & Fats, Sugar & Salt, Food Additives Emulsifiers, Enzymes, Leaving Agents, Colour & Flavours, Milk Products, Cocoa Products, Fruits & Nuts, Spices, Starches & Cereals); Cookies & Crackers -Trouble Shooting; Bread - Trouble Shooting; Cakes- Trouble Shooting; Packaging; Food Safety & Legislation; Nutrition & Fortification; Preservative; Shelf Life; Food Analysis; Licenses for Factory Operation and Glossary of Terms This will book will be highly recommended to industry, research and academic institutes/colleges. It will be widely available in India and other neighbouring countries The book was released by Mr. Parag Gupta, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, GOI

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