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Aibtm Activity on International Interactive Seminar

An international interactive seminar on food processing industry was organized by Institute of Food Technology, Budelkhand University with Assocom Institute of Bakery Technology and Management which is focus on the bakery modernization on 07/07/14 to 08/07/14. Participants for the seminar include a sum total of 100 students, academia and industries

Innaugration programme: Prof. Avinash Chandra Pandey, Vice Chancellor, Bundhelkhand University, Jhansi, Dr. Suresh Itapu, Mr. Raj Kapoor, Prof. Dheer Singh, Prof. Robert Backsted, Prof. Dewen Mayersh from University of Georgia.

The popularity and easy availability of bakery products has a key role in changing the life style and eating habits of Indian consumers. It became an item of daily basis consumption due to its low price also. Because of this increased popularity bakery industry found an important place in the industrial map of the country.

But nowadays consumers are more aware to the healthy nutritive products or, eating items. Also, most of the bakery items are high calorie food which also creates a major reason for avoidance. Therefore there is a need to improve the quality of bakery products in respect of both nutrition and calorific value.

So, AIBTM is taking an initiative in this international interactive seminar to discuss and overcome all these problems with the industry and technologist so that all sector; academic and industry could know the problems faced by the consumers and industrialist and could give their valuable suggestion to create remedies for all these problems.

Mr. Anand Kishore, Assist. Prof. AIBTM presented an interactive session on ‘Role & Science of Ingredient in Bakery Products’. There are a lot of ingredients which are used in bakery, the interesting point of these ingredients are that each and every ingredient has their own unique properties and at the same time they influence other ingredient’s properties also. So, there is a need of clear understanding of science and role of each ingredient for improving the quality of product and developing a new product. In the interactive session, effect of type and quantity of ingredients on different bakery product was also discussed. As every ingredient performs well their role when used in appropriate amount, when amount would vary in the recipe, product quality will also vary. As for example, main role of salt in bakery product is to tighten the gluten, control on the yeast activity and also enhancement of the flavour in the product simultaneously. If the standard quantity of salt will be used in recipe, product will be most acceptable but as the quantity vary either in reduced amount or, increased amount, it will affect various quality/characteristics of bread as shown on figure. For colour in this fig judged by sensory evaluation and 1 to 4,denotes lighten to darker.

How quality or, type of ingredient affect product quality can be understand by taking an example of baker’s fat. There are different types of fats used in bakery like butter, Shortening, margerine, and oils. There is a need to understand that which fat is suitable for which specific product by clear understanding of properties of these ingredient. Generally cake margerine is useful in cakes and cookies for more air incorporation because it has more solidity at room temperatur as shown in fig.

If we use the oil instead of other fats then the cookies will be harder which is clear from the shown bar diagram ‘a result of an experiment’ conducted at AIBTM lab.

In this conference, Master Chef Abid Ali from AIBTM conducted a demo on healthy bakery products like multigrain bread, healthy banana muffin and foccacia bread. Multigrain bread are made with wheat flour and cereal grains as well as oil seeds like corn, flax, millet, triticale, buckwheat, barley, oats, alfalfa, soy etc. Utilization of these grains not only provides significant therapeutic benefits but also will help to meet the growing food demand of our country. Healthy banana muffins are Low fat, gluten free bakery product perfect for breakfast, snacks or dessert. You can add nuts, chocolate chips, different fruits and vegetables and just about anything you feel like.

AIBTMhas also distributed recipe book to the participants to facilitate recipes of some nutritious bakery product.

Valedictory Programme: Prof Vashudev Singh, CFTRI Mysore, Prof P K More, GBPUAT Pantnagar, Prof. Atanu Jana, Anand Sri A K Singla, Dy Director, Fssai Delhi, Dr. Suresh Itapu,Dr. D.K.Bhatt, Mr. Raj Kappor

So, by these activities, AIBTM surely helped all the participants to understand science behind bakery and encouraged young enthusiast’s interest in bakery.


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