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Evening and Week End Programs

Bespoke Programs for Target Groups

AIBTM will design and conduct training for organisations to serve their particular need. Baking and allied companies who wish to run specific training for in-house personnel or other target groups can use AIBTM centre facility and technical expertise.

Tailor-made courses will designed and conducted for organizations who wish to conduct training on specific subject/product or seek to develop a common knowledge base to address future challenges. The focus of the courses may be technical, managerial, strategic or operational, depending on the client’s priorities. Separate teaching and practice areas can provide desired level of confidentiality

Part Time Program & Distance Learning

Part-time and distance learning program shall cater to students of secondary school who have opted for bakery as a subject, for working professionals, and categories that will benefit from distance learning for skill and knowledge enhancement. Condensed modules from Certificate program will be used.

Evening and Week End Programs

For busy professionals with interest in exposure to baking techniques, housewives and persons with interest in home baking.
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