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Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida (Delhi- NCR), India

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The course, (certificate program in Q.C. and material testing), fulfill my required need of knowledge. I enjoy the whole
program because of excellent faculty, well equipped lab and freeness to work.I put my special thanks to all the staff
members of this institution for their full cooperation and assistance and pray for all future success of this institution.
Mohd. Kalim
Student, ASSOCOM

Congratulations on getting this site set up in India. Well done Raj.
Vijay Kaul
VP, Global Marketing & Supply Chain at OMNI-UNITED (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
I wish the programs launched by AIBTM all success as it will go a long way in filling the gaps existing in the baking industry with help of highly reputed faculty
Kumar Bhatia
Former MD, NSC and Advisor-MOFPI

Congratulations for this initiative. It may help thousands to acquire knowledge from international fraternity. All the best
BS Bhat

Bakery excellence will be reached to greater heights
Daniel P Jogal
Congratulations , again, for splendid achievement. The institute should be open to design and run short courses to suit the requirement of any specific industrial enterprise. There might be a market there. Al the best!
G K Sood
On behalf of AIB International, I would like to state our commitment to the support and growth of the baking industry in the nation of India. By increasing the overall level of skill in the profession, there will be increasing opportunities for bakers.
Congrats for your good work. it is really an honor to have Sri S K Nandaji as a patron. Dr. Sesikaran. Former Director, National Institute of Nutrition (NIN).

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