AIBTM Bakery Apprentice Program


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Program Fees: Rs. 40,000

Program Duration: 12 months / 468 hours


  • Keeping your professional development continuous.
  • Knowledge updating.
  • Enhancing your performance.
  • Helping you in benchmarking your growth with Industry requirement.
  • Different routes to personal development.

Key Features

  • Professionals/Bakers must be patient, detail-oriented and artistic to create appealing products such as breads, cakes, cookies and other pastries. Bakery and Hospitality industry is experiencing rapid growth and needs qualified workers who exhibit these characteristics.
  • Upon completion of your Bakery apprentice, you may seek provincial certification and pursue employment in diverse settings including bakeries, patisseries, chocolate shops, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, camps, institutions, and resorts.
  • Student support system includes counselling and financial aid through industry linkages.


  • Candidate will learn the basics of Bakery science, Ingredients science, Nutritional science, Entrepreneurship, Cost Management, Product Evaluation and Regulatory standards for foods/hotels/bakeries.
  • Candidate will also undergo practical sessions in production of Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Sweet Goods, Desserts, Chocolates along with cake decoration and sugar craft in correlation with his/her job profile.
Option 1: Weekend Classes (Saturdays) Option 2:
Total 28 virtual (on-line) and 28 Practical Classes at AIBTM, Greater Noida, NCR Delhi or at Assocom Skilling Centers in Nagpur, Varanasi, Asansol, Chennai, Ajmer, Sri Nagar, Ranchi and Delhi, etc.). Attend 4 Short Courses (Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Patisseries including allied subjects) at AIBTM, Greater Noida.

Course duration will be 3-5 days per course calendar of the AIBTM.

Start date: You can join this program any time.

Who can join?

  • Start ups or entrepreneurs.
  • Persons who are already in employment with Industrial or Artisan Bakers or Hospitality Industries (Hotel, Restaurants, Café, etc.). Recommendations from employer are must.
  • Non-apprentices may also apply to AIBTM for the related academic training as fee-paying students (Diploma and PGBST Programs).


  • Certificate of Apprentice supported employment or working certificate.
  • Persons who are already in employment with Industrial or Artisan Bakers or Hospitality Industries (Hotel, Restaurants, Café, etc.). Recommendations from employer are must.

Why Study at AIBTM

  • The AIBTM is renowned for its outstanding reputation with graduates, employers and industry partners.
  • Offers an unrivaled learning environment, leading-edge baking facilities, and world-class technical/chef faculty.
  • Apprentices and graduates may explore India Skill Awards at the provincial, national and international levels.

Semester 1

S.No. Contents Hours
1. Food Sanitation and HACCP 8
2. Baking Science 1 14
3. Baking Ingredients 2 16
4. Nutritional Science 10
5. Product Evaluation 10
6. Bread Production 1 40
7. Cake and Sweet Goods 1 40
8. Cookies 30
9. Chocolates 1 18
10. Merchandising and Production Cost Management 30
Total Hours 216

Semester 2

S.No. Contents Hours
1. Laws and Regulation (Foods/ Hotels/ Restaurants) 10
2. Baking Science 2 14
3. Baking Ingredients 2 16
4. Entrepreneurship & Public Relations 20
5. Bread Production 2 40
6. Cake and Sweet Goods 2 40
7. Desserts 30
8. Chocolate Art 18
9. Cake Decoration 14
10. Sugar Crafting, Pastillage 14
Total Hours 216

Pre-Apprentice Training (5 days special program)

  • Pre-Apprentice Training Programs help potential entrants to the apprentice system develop their job skills and trade readiness so that they will be prepared to nd work as apprentices. Pre-apprentice intakes may open at any time.

    Fee: Rs.10,000/-


  • Those seeking Hostel Accommodation will be required to pay the Hostel security of Rs. 10,000 along with the Hostel Fee at the time of admission.
  • Hostel accommodation will be on first-come-first basis.

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