Associate – Applied Bakery Science & Technology


D1-Bread Technology, D2- Biscuit Technology, D3- Cake Manufacture,

D4- Ingredient Technology, D5- Craft & Artisan Bakery, D6- Quality Control & Chemistry

Associate program will be one semester programs specifically for those who are qualified for a bakery career at supervisory and junior management level and need to take up bakery related career- specific study and qualification. This program is highly recommended for new entrants in a bakery profession and companies who would like to provide entry level training to them.

  • Intensive study of bakery science and technology as quick refresher
  • Basic manufacturing practice in Bread, Cakes, and Biscuits
  • Ingredients Quality, inspection, and testing
  • Equipment and machinery working, usage, maintenance, controls
  • Quality Management, Standards, controls, HACCP, GMP, GHP
  • Food Laws FSSA, Traceability and recall, legal framework
  • Factory Management with focus on bakery practice For working professionals who cannot take six months program at a stretch, each four-week module can be taken individually.