Extending Shelf Life


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Course Commences

NOVEMBER 26-28, 2018

About Course

You know how important it is to have the right tools to address customer complaints and improve products and processes. An increasingly competitive marketplace means you must respond quickly to internal and external demands for longer shelf life and better quality product.

What will you learn?

  • What “shelf life” means to producers and consumers
  • The tools, techniques, and processes a baker can use to extend shelf life
  • How to troubleshoot customer complaints about shelf life
  • To adapt formulation and processing to extend the shelf life of products

Course Fee

Rs. 8,500.


Day 1

Mechanisms of Staling
Current information on the staling mechanisms of grain-based foods.

Overview of Mold Growth
Major types of mold growth of special concern to bakers, with suggestions on the use of mold inhibitors.

Water Activity
The concept of water activity and its impact on shelf life and quality of baked goods.

Using pH as Shelf Life Tool
Using pH as a shelf life tool in chemically leavened products.

Extending Shelf Life with Enzymes
What are they, how to use them for shelf life applications, and what results to expect.

Use of “Emulsifiers”
Functions and applications of various emulsifiers for shelf life extension.

Day 2
Use of Hydrocolloids
Overview of the various gum systems available to the baker for improving shelf life-related product attributes.

Starch Applications
How various starch products affect shelf life, the role of starch modification, and how to choose the right starch for your application.

Sweeteners and Moisture Management
How sweeteners impact water mobility in bakery foods, and why it is important to the manufacturer and the consumer.

Product Evaluation – Sensory
An overview of sensory testing, including examples of tests and when to use them, and tips on interpreting the results.

Product Evaluation – Instrumentation
See what instruments are available to test moisture,water activity, texture analysis, and more.

Focus on Sweet Biscuits
Ingredient and processing tips to maximize the shelf life of your sweet biscuits.



Discount: If any participant wish to apply for two or more courses, 15% discount on each course will be ensured.

Cancellation Policy

If enrollment for the course is cancelled 15 days before the start the course, full fee will be refunded. However, if cancellation is done 3 days prior to the start of the course, Rs. 2,500 will be charged towards late cancellation. There will be no refund if cancellation is done less than two days prior to the start of the course. Substitutions can be done anytime before the start of the course.

AIBTM reserves the right to cancel the workshop due to insufficient enrollments or faculty emergency or any other emergency. AIBTM’s liability is limited towards refund of fee only.