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International Collaboration

AIB International School of Baking, formally known as American Institute of Baking in USA has partnered with AIBTM. AIB will make available their correspondence / online course, short courses and other customized programs at facilities of AIBTM. An international diploma in association with AIB will also be offered at AIBTM. AIB will be providing their faculty from time to time for conducting various programs. Their correspondence courses will be linked with AIBTM programs. Dr. Kirk O'Donnell, Vice President Education is part of the core team of AIBTM.

Collaboration in Bakery and confectionery craft courses, including sugar art has been concluded with Hyejeon College, South Korea. Mr. Lee JaeHo, President, Hyejeon College is one of the member of the Board of Directors of AIBTM. Dr. Namji Cho, Ph.D. Dean, Department of Planning & Promotion and Professor, Department of Baking Technology, Hyejeon College is also part of Technical Board of AIBTM. AIBTM and Hyejeon College has agrees to enhance academic cooperation of mutual benefit to both institutions. We will jointly offer
• Cooperative Programs in Teaching and Research
• Twinning Degree Programs
• Exchange Staff and Students.
The American Society of Baking (ASB) has affiliated AIBTM for various programs. AIBTM also represents ASB as their International Chapter in India. The American Society of Baking is a professional organization comprising commercial baking professionals, food technologists, engineering, equipment and ingredient experts dedicated to advancing baking science technology.
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