Refresher Courses


Code: F1-F8, Program Duration: 4-8 weeks

These will be one week short term focused training programs, suited for all segments with interest in specific products and processes. Programs will be of interest to traditional bakers, chefs and technicians looking for skill upgrade and craftsman looking for expanding knowledge. These will be of special interest of entrepreneurs setting-up bakery business. Home baking program by expert culinary and celebrity chefs will be run in this format.

F1- Guide to Food Business Operators

Guide line for entrepreneurs who are set to start a bakery and for bakery operators on basic essentials for running a bakery business.

F2- Healthy Baking

Program will focus on health and bakery products. Health issues, fortification, dietary products, enrichment with soya and regulatory issues such as labeling declarations will be discussed.

F3- Food Laws and Regulatory Environment in Bakery Practice

Guide on food laws, and practical implementation of regulatory regime in Bakery industry. Program will provide complete guide on compliance management

F4- Food Safety and HACCP

Study of Quality Management in bakery industry and responsibilities of food business operator shall be covered. Program will look at quality certification and issues like record keeping for traceability, and consumer protection.

F5- Bakery Laboratory Practice & Management

Program will train chemists and quality control personnel. Experts will guide students on procedures. Practical training will be at well equipped in-house laboratory.

F6- Extrusion Technology

The program will provide specialized training in manufacture of extruded snacks. New generation technology for production of healthy, non-fried snack foods will be taught.

F7- Flour Milling

Short program directed to milling professionals for techniques in wheat flour milling.

F8- Introduction to Marketing & Sales in Bakery Industry

Program will focus on marketing and selling skills for bakery products. Issues particular to bread, biscuits, cakes, will be examined. Controls points, systematic approach, regulatory issues and all practical issues that are faced by selling and marketing personnel shall be discussed. Visiting faculty will be drawn from persons with industry experience.