Workshop of Chemical Leavening

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Workshop on Chemical Leavening and Egg-Free Solutions in Baking
Nov. 28, 2017 AIBTM, Greater Noida


Dr. Suresh Itapu,
Technical Consultant,
ICL Food Specialties


AIBTM Students – Rs. 150
Academia/students – Rs. 500
Bakers – Rs. 1,500



1000-1030 Introduction
1030-1100 Trends in Egg-free bakery products
1100-1130 Applications for WPC in bakery products
1130-1300 Demonstration of WPC in bakery products
1300-1400 Lunch
1400-1430 Applications for leavening acids bakery products
1430-1500 Trends in low sodium products in bakery industry
1500-1600 Demonstration of leavening acids in bakery products
1600-1700 Demonstration of Low sodium bakery products
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